Goal Setting for 2018

As we reach the end of the last quarter of 2017, it’s full steam ahead for business planning for my agents. Although mapping out an entire year in an ever-evolving industry like real estate can seem daunting, it is still essential to establish a framework for the next year. Follow these four steps to breakContinue Reading

Rethinking Business Planning

I haven’t met anyone who truly loves business planning and goal setting. But, coming from a broker background, mid-year is when we typically remind agents to revisit their goals and see if they are on track. The agents love that almost as much as they love planning for the year.  It’s a problem because weContinue Reading

The Power of Proper Planning

I stumbled onto this amazing video of a seven-year-old working to solve a Rubik’s Cube. Once the timer starts, the boy begins studying the cube but doesn’t make any moves. It’s not until a minute and half in that you realize what is actually happening — he was studying the cube, strategizing before solving theContinue Reading

Mid-year Goal Check-in

As we enter the second half of 2017, are you on track to accomplish your goals? Or have you been too busy to set goals? Defining and implementing career goals is tantamount to realizing success as a real estate agent. The most productive agents are not necessarily the busiest — they recognize the difference betweenContinue Reading

Winning With Poise

“I think that’s something that really was one of Tom’s greatest strengths, is his ability to see the field, remain calm, remain poised, even though the stadium may be going crazy if we’re on the road…We may only have a couple seconds to work with or whatever the circumstances are.” – New England Patriots HeadContinue Reading